Horses and Ponies

If you would like to apply to become a horse or pony borrower, then we would love to hear from you!  Please complete the appropriate application form and send it back to the Sanctuary at the details at the bottom of the form. If you have any questions about the process or about one of our equines, please give us a call on: 01460 652 14.

Download this form to borrow a non ridden, companion horse or pony:  Application to borrow a non ridden horse

Download this form to borrow a horse or pony who can be ridden:  Application to borrow a rideable horse


Dolly is approx. 13.2hh, Cob, Piebald, mare. She is believed to be in her early teens. She can be a little nervous to catch until she gets into a routine and establishes some trust.  She came to us when after 6 months of being with her owner, the land she was being kept on was put up for sale. Dolly does love a good roll in the mud so will need an owner who enjoys grooming!  She is no trouble with the other horses.  Being of native type she will need her weight to be managed. She has no  known health problems.  Dolly would make a lovely nanny or companion.  She will happily stay in the field on her own if needed while her field mates are exercised.

Picture to follow – trying to catch her without a muddy coating!


Dizzy Rascal

3 year old gelding, cob x, 12hh approx.  Dizzy is a little cutie with bags of character!  He was found wandering the countryside on his own.  He is very bold, nothing much seems to bother him.  Dizzy loves people, grazes happily with mares, geldings and donkeys , is happy to be taken away from his field buddies with no fuss.  Dizzy would make a smashing potential pony club prospect.  He is unbroken currently.



Queenie is a TB, bay mare, approx. 15.2hh.  DOB: 2003.  She is looking for a companion home where she can retire ideally within a herd of other horses, she would make a lovely nanny. She is a stunning horse and has had a really rough time over the years so now deserves to just relax.  She can be a little quirky and does need to establish trust, she likes her routine and does get anxious if it changes too much.



Jack is a piebald gelding.  DOB: May 2016.  His Mum was an Arab type, Dad unknown but probably a cob.  He should  make at least 14.2hh.  Jack was rejected by his Mother, his owner hand reared him for 8 weeks and unfortunately due to a change in her own circumstances could no longer keep him.  It was then too late to put Jack on a foster mare so he has been fully hand reared.  He will need a very experienced owner who can continue his education.  Ideally he needs another youngster to play with.  He is currently turned out daily with a quiet gelding with no problems.  He is good to catch and handle, can be opinionated!